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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by roland.g, Sep 9, 2010.

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    A friend of mine showed me an app on android a while back and I have never seen anything like it on the iPhone. It would be the only thing I have seen for android I think the App store is missing. Please tell me an app for this exists. I am looking for an app similar to something called Localme (not sure if that is quite the right name) on android.

    The android version allows you to set services on and off for different locations and then your phone sets those profiles based on where you are. So if you go home it can turn on WiFi but turn off GPS and things like that. You can have a work one as well. Not sure if it uses GPS or what to figure out your location.

    Honestly, I don't need something that auto-manages my settings, but I would love a profile app that allows you to set a Battery save mode where it turns off GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi for you. And the ability to name and define other profiles for various conditions. Does Apple not let developers have access to the APIs for turning on and off the various settings in the phone. If not, Apple really needs to introduce this feature themselves. Especially couple this with the voice control feature in the iPhone and you could get in your car and set GPS and BT on by saying "Activate Profile Car" or you could turn off GPS, BT, and WiFi by saying "Activate Profile Save Battery".
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    Developers can't develop such an app with the current APIs.

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