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    Ok in my home there is a MacBook Air (Late 2011), an iPad 1, an iPad 2, an iPhone 4S, an iPhone 4 and a Qnap ts-210 NAS.

    Previous to the MacBook, I had a windows laptop. Everything seemed easier... Probably because I have been a PC person for so long.

    When I say easier... I used to connect my iPhone to the PC, I'd get a pop up asking me if I'd like to import photos, and I'd say yes, and all new photos would be copied to my NAS.

    I don't seem to be able to do that any more.... I'm currently using Preview to import just over 3000 photos... It's taking a while!

    So I guess what I'm looking for is ideas and options on to arrange everything.

    I.e. how to sort out iPhone photo backups? Known apps for the qnap to enable me to open things directly from iPad or iPhone, such as ePub files etc...
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