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Aug 20, 2013
Maybe it’s just the global meltdown clouding my mind, but I’m having a hell of a time choosing an iPad!

For context, I would be using it for photo editing and some light duty in-the-box music production (as well as usual media consumption junk.)

I’ve never owned a tablet before but I’m away from my MBP15 and don’t plan on traveling until this “situation” blows over. I figured I would get an iPad rather than a substitute (used) laptop to save a bit of cash... and because it’s a gadget I might actually still use (ie as a second screen, for travel, etc) once I’m reunited with my computer.

I’m looking at either an Apple Store refurb deal or eBay. I’m drawn to the Pro mainly for the sex appeal of the ProMotion display, but I find I’m constantly up-selling myself on which model to get:

The $379 10.5” 64GB (Gen 2) is priced beautifully, but I have a feeling I’ll fill that up quickly and resent having to play the data management game (even if this a bit easier now that external drives can be used...)

The $509/256GB option solves the storage problem, but then just $40 more gets me the newer/more future-proof 11” model, albeit reintroducing the storage issue in the process.

Then I look at the 256GB 11” model for $679, which is more than I intended to spend and nonetheless wonder if it would make more sense to pre-order a $749 128GB 4th gen 11” instead!!

My sweet spot would be $500ish for a used 256GB 11” with a Smart Keyboard on eBay, but used prices don’t seem to have dropped much yet and I’m looking to end the phone-only purgatory I’m in ASAP.

What’s my move, folks?? ?


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Sep 1, 2017
Lol i love your way of shopping.. ? ? ? it is exactly the same way i do and i always end up spending the double of what i had first intended lol, guess we are the victims of consumer generation lol.

Having said that, in your case I'd buy:

- The 509 dollar iPad Pro 11" , even tho you may bump into the storage problem, since it has usb c, you can buy a tiny usb c flash drive, which you can stick to your key holder and put in it big stuff that you may not need often, such as movies, music or archives of old work (photo editing work or music work)..etc

- Or, I would go all in and take the 749 dollar 128 gb 4th gen 11" instead. Because for 70 dollar more, you get extra 2 gb of ram which may be more future proof even tho you will loose 128 gb storage.
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rui no onna

Oct 25, 2013
The $509/256GB is for the iPP 10.5.

It's $679/256GB for the 2018 iPP 11.

Personally, I'd go $749 2020 Pro 11 128GB. Can't add more RAM. Meanwhile, 128GB storage ain't too bad and I expect Apple will fix external USB-C storage support sooner or later.
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Apr 8, 2015
The iPad Pro 2 is definitely not worth it I think, especially if you want to get the 256. I’d go for the 2018 Pro at 549 refurb, it seems your sweet spot regarding the amount of money you want to spend.
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Feb 3, 2010
United Kingdom
Having used a 10.5” and 11”, I think a refurbished/lightly used 2018 11” is the sweet spot if you don’t want to go all out on a brand new 2020 model. (The A10X to the A12X is a much larger jump than the A12X to the A12Z which essentially seems the same - I’d only go for the 2020 if I really valued the camera/LiDAR stuff.)

The 10.5” is a great iPad and the one I use personally (and typing this on!), but I wouldn’t buy it in 2020.
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Aug 20, 2013
Beautiful replies, everyone. Much appreciated! Interesting to note how the mid-level 256GB option is often cited as the sweet spot when buying these new, but that the value proposition diminishes somewhat over time.

Anyway you’ve helped me narrow things down a lot—I think I’ll either pull the trigger on a ‘peace-of-mind refurb’ 64GB 11” and learn me some storage mindfulness, or try to nab a gently used 256GB version for even money. There are still some of the latter floating around with AppleCare on them so it’s just a matter of finding one at a good price.

I already have a proper camera for taking pictures and don’t have much of a use for a camera on a tablet, nor do I see myself walking around with a slate in front of my face hunting Pokémon in the bushes. Those extra 2GB of RAM and 128GB are nothing to sneeze at, but a $200 premium stings a bit (not to mention having to live on this damned phone for another several weeks.)

That said, I can see how that Lidar camera will be a fun addition to the next iPhone. :)

Thanks again, y’all!
Files app is very buggy.

Yeah I’m definitely bracing myself for some “interesting times” with that Files app. :/
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