help me pick my facebook profile pic!


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Apr 29, 2007
Tokyo, Japan
I just got my MacBook Pro and I've been playing around with the built in camera. I'm bored this Christmas day and decided to take a few photos of myself. Which do you like best? Thanks lol ;)

Also I own iPhoto and Aperture, I was wondering how do you brighten only a certain area of a picture. i.e. the eyes. Thanks!



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Jul 25, 2009
It's difficult to selectively brighten/expose in iPhoto, I know that much. I haven't used Aperture, but I'm fairly certain it's just a slightly more advanced version of iPhoto. Your best bet is Photoshop. Or just set up some lamps to brighten things up.


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Aug 15, 2009
I usually just ask my mom which ones look best. If not, I ask my friends from Runescape.



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Jan 28, 2008
Memphis, TN
If you really want a cool Facebook profile picture, you'll use one of the built in backgrounds on Photo Booth. I recommend either the "Earthrise" or "Clouds" for the best "out of this world" effect.

No, seriously. Get a picture from an outing with friends. Or try to look goofy or fun or something other than ... that. :)

Just my opinion.


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Jan 1, 2009
Norman, Oklahoma
Maybe try not to look so :cool: in your photos... Natural photos or goofy photos would be best for facebook in my opinion... But I also think you are making a joke!

P.S.- Also paint a wall or something!


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Sep 20, 2004
Jesus, can the current generation really not even make the simplest decision for itself?!?!
quoted for the mother effing truth.

For what it's worth, my vote is to put them all into a compilation and make that your profile picture.


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Difficult to pick, because in every one you look like just any random Facebook user.

Why don't you just pick any one and draw a moustache and beard on it with MS Paint or such (why don't Macs have a similar basic program like MS Paint?)

I'll admit that I do have a facebook account, albeit with a pseudonym and a doctored picture (for the lulz). I don't have any one on there but my small circle of friends - I don't want to know about old school buddies thanks.

Anyway even with this I get to see inane 'updates' from people mentioning whatever stupid thing they did today or a stupid chain request.

To make a long post short, even my small facebook universe is stuck full of these vacuous jauntily angled self shots that look exactly the same.

Try smiling in one or just 'shop one with something random.