Help me pick out my first Mac?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Allenbf, Jul 27, 2012.

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    Jul 7, 2012
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    This will be my first iMac, or Mac of any kind for that matter. I'm honestly a casual PC user, not a gamer, my family will be using this iMac for homework, surfing, iMovie and iPhoto, Garageband (I'm a novice guitarist/songwriter), etc. Fairly common stuff. A few points:

    1) I can't wait on the 2012/13 refresh, as my PC is pretty much dead.

    2) Thinking of going with the 21.5, 2.5 Ghz model

    3) I don't want to spend a fortune, as I just recently bought 2 iPads and I plan on buying the next iPhone when it comes out as well.

    Having said all that, I am thinking of upgrading the RAM to 8 GB and purchasing AppleCare (since this is my first Mac). Is the 8GB worth the cost? And Applecare?

    I should also add that I'm buying Time Capsule, and that my job has a discount program that will save me roughly $125. Pays the taxes, at least :)

    Thanks everyone. Feel free to recommend anything else. But I prefer the desktop because it'll be less abused by my kids than a laptop/notebook.
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    May 1, 2011
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    If you get an iMac, upgrade the RAM on your own. Easy to do and much cheaper. That's what I and many others have done. In fact, Apple tells you how to do it (remove two screws, pop it in, put screws back. That's it.)
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    Jun 13, 2012
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    Any of the current Macs will handle what you want to do just fine, all depends how much you want to spend and what screen size you want.

    Upgrading the RAM is definitely a good idea but don't upgrade the RAM through Apple as it's rather expensive, buy the RAM from somewhere like OWC and do it yourself. It's maybe a 10 minute job with a screwdriver.

    AppleCare is a good idea, you probably won't need it but in the event you do you'll be very glad you picked it up. You don't need to buy it right away, however, you can purchase it any time in the first year of ownership.
  4. Allenbf thread starter macrumors 6502

    Jul 7, 2012
    Elsewhere, USA
    I did not realize that, thanks for the tip.

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