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    I need some help with my restore workflow. I've read countless blogs and forums on how to perform backups and such based on recovering from serious crashes, anomalies, restores, etc. So far none has resonated with me in a way I can fully understand.

    My first iPhone5 (and it was my first iPhone in general) lasted about 4 months before a hardware issue caused my cell calls to drop. Apple replaced the phone. This was my first iPhone, and my first time doing a restore. I learned the hard way that an iTunes restore is not really what I envisioned a "restore" would be. I was thinking it be something akin to a hard drive imaging type of process. So sure, I got 90% back, but the last 10% really was painful. I'm a digital packrat, so loosing my SMS texts (and the photos family had sent in them), and all my Camera Roll photos, which I had backed up prior to the restore (and not fully understanding how important that little step was prior to the restore) was really upsetting.

    So the restore process I went through was painful and I hacked my way through the last 10%. It took days to get the photos back into the Camera Roll. What a pain that was! I read though all sorts of screwy, unofficial methods to get things pretty much back. Oh, and getting my music back was also a royal pain.

    So after the whole event I have forgotten what steps I took to get everything back to normal. Which is probably a good thing.

    When iOS7 is released soon I want to do a complete factory restore,as this seems like a best practice approach. I am the "tech guy" in the family, so there are three other devices to do this with as well.

    What I'd like to do is replace only the iOS underpinnings, but keep all our photos, contacts, SMS texts, apps, music, the works the same.

    Could someone explain what IS NOT saved in a backup (or manual backup) and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, what a good workflow would be to get my kit back up to speed? My device is not jailbroken, nor have I run it that way, or plan to.

    If anyone can help I'd certainly appreciate it.
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    You don't have to do anything when iOS 7 is released. It doesn't delete any of your stuff on your phone. No need to restore or back up. But for future reference, it's always a good idea to back up at least once a month if you're a digital packet (I am one too).

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