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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by n.contemporary, Apr 14, 2008.

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    Mar 12, 2008
    My room isn't that big but I want it arranged so that it is most functional / appealing

    Here are some pictures of my room from a few months ago:



    (My iMac is no longer on that computer cart --> it is now on a black/brown Ikea Fredrik computer desk)

    Picture 1.png
    This is the floor plan of my room (keep in mind I have a window bench in the bottom area)

    Here are the dimensions of my furniture:

    39” (w)
    72" (d)

    64” (w)
    32” (d)

    Computer Desk:

    Width: 50.4"
    Depth: 28.3"
    Height: 58.7"

    TV Stand:
    48" (w)
    20” (d)

    16” (w)
    31” (d)

    Tall Bookcase:
    12" (d)

    Short Bookcase:

    10” (d)

    Another important note: I am an art student so I use my regular desk for traditional artwork (I need a lot of space as most homework assignments are 18 x 24 or bigger, not to mention paintings, sculptures, etc.) and I needed a bigger space around the iMac since I do a lot of drawing / digital work there.

    Finally, I think my room is pretty plain / borderline boring so any other designer tips as far as furniture/lighting/anything goes would be great.

    Any input would be great.
  2. superspiffy macrumors 6502a

    Feb 6, 2007
    Wow this post was started almost 3 years ago and not one soul has ever managed to help you? I really feel bad for you but what did you honestly expect from a forum of Mac nerds? :D Don't worry. I'm really anal about my living space and I try to select my furniture and decorations to match a certain theme or color palette so I think I can help you.

    The first thing I notice is that your room is overwhelmingly blue. It's a bold statement and with the right combination of colors, I think you can make it work. I like the white dresser. I think white would balance out that strong dark blue on your walls really well. Replace all your black/dark furniture with pure white ones.

    Why you ask?

    Keep in mind that when choosing color palettes, it's better to narrow your color choices to only a few. Maybe 3. I usually think it's safe to go with 2 main colors and maybe 1 or two color accents. Whatever these color combinations they would have to balance each other. Strong or bold colors would go well with neutral colors in your case.

    What are main colors and accented colors?

    Main colors are the colors that are most represented in your space. So your main color right now is blue. Balance it out with another main color, a neutral one, such as white. Have most/all of your furniture white so they can balance out the strong blue and so they'll stand out against it. Now choose one or two color(s) to accent. Accents are colors that's not used often in the room, but when it is used, it stands out to make the room look more interesting.

    Looking at the picture, that magenta cup/lamp/candle holder/ or whatever it is works well as an accent against the blues and the whites. So maybe put out a magenta vase, or candles, or flowers or whatever you want.

    Your bedsheets are also a perfect place to throw in some accents. Or maybe you can just echo your main colors on them too. Choose pillow cases with interesting designs to break the solid color uniformity of your blankets/sheets. Just whatever you do, choose bedding that follow your color palette.

    So now that you have the color palette down, think about space. Think about how you can arrange your furniture to create the best amount of space and to form clean lines across the room. Furniture can make or break a room by making it look too cluttered or too disordered.

    It looks like you have a small room for the amount of stuff you have. Big bulky furniture could add to the disorder in small rooms, making everything look unbalanced.

    -For starters, I would get rid of the tube TV and get an LCD panel. Chuck out the entertainment stand too and just mount the flat panel. You need more space between the foot of your bed and the wall!

    -Also, trade that black bulky looking book shelf for some clean white hanging shelves. Don't be afraid to arrange them in a creative staggered pattern on your walls to focus interest in a certain area.

    -Invest in more and better storage compartments to clean up the stuff on and around your study table. Visible papers, trinkets, misc little objects on your study table adds to the disorder in the room. Put them away when not in use!

    -Get some cable tubes to hide unsightly computer/electronic cables which annoys the hell out of me.

    -Also, if you're going to buy new compartments/boxes invest in nice looking ones. See-through-plastic compartments look like cheap **** you can get from Target. (Check these out or something like them depending on the theme that you're going for. I think the white or the light brown ones would look good in that room)

    Speaking of theme, decide on one for your room. Your room needs to have a common language. You can't have an ultra modern minimalist lamp set on an antique table with ornate flower carvings for instance. There has to be some uniformity so that it's easy on the eyes. Personally, I have my bedroom setup to maximize relaxation. So I select earthy looking furniture with earthy colors to soothe me.

    Personally, I get my inspiration/motivation from my Mac and other Apple products. These machines are designed so well they look like beautiful museum pieces. I wanted to plan my room around them so that they'd still look good outside the Apple store, and in the context of my own room. Now take that mentality and build a room that "deserves" to house that iMac of yours. :)
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    Jul 20, 2008
    ^^ I think you just wasted a lot of time. This person might not even check these forums anymore. And even if he does, i'm sure his room has been rearranged by now.
  4. superspiffy macrumors 6502a

    Feb 6, 2007
    LOL I know. I just wanted to say it anyway.
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    Atlanta, GA
    Indeed...his last post was over two years ago.

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