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    Hey all,

    I'd like to setup a VPN on my Mac Mini Server so I can access my home network shares while i am at the office. So far, I've enabled the VPN service on the server, but when I try to save my configuration it goes into a loop where it says to enter a hostname. I have made sure the hostname is entered, I read a thread where someone had the identical problem, They solved it by changing the private network hostname to server.mycompany.private for example.

    I tried what the other thread said, and I am still getting this repeated prompt for a hostname that already been entered.

    A little bit of background info, I also host a game server for Minecraft on the same machine, it's using a static IP of with DynDNS for the game sever. I understand I can use the same Dynamic address for the VPN too?

    I haven't yet forwarded the port(s), I am unsure exactly what ports need to be forwarded, so far the only one I know is 1700 UDP or something in that range.

    Could someone please help me get this set up, I'd gladly give remote access to anyone willing to take the time!
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    Can you post a screenshot or log? Also please post your servers DNS settings.

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