Help me silence my continuity phone calls!

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    I have my OS sound effects settings set to mute. I don't want my computer making noises unless they are totally intentional on my part. I use my MacBook to run backing tracks for our band. The truth is, we could be in a situation in which my computer is hooked up running a loop or a soft synth, and...


    I can't imagine how horrible it would be if Marimba suddenly started blaring over our sound system right in the middle of a soft song...

    Is there a way to disable the sound? I actually think that there should be a (none) choice when choosing a ringtone, even on iOS 8. Maybe a terminal command? I would even be willing to find the ringtone file and replace it with a blank audio file.

    Any ideas?
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    There is no "None" ringtone and the ringtone isn't currently inherited from the phone, it is just that you can set them the same.

    I'd suggest you create a silent ringtone file and replace one of the standard ringtones, that will mean you get visual alerts but no ringtone sound.

    Your alternative, and the only 100% safe option for zero sound solution would be to disable cellular in FaceTime Prefs on the MBP.

    There is no "none" on iPhones as you can simply move the silent switch but there isn't an equivalent other than full mute on the MBP.

    Presume audio studios have a firm phones-off-or-on-silent rule?

    This thread steps you through which sound file to replace to re-use any standard tone for a custom one:

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