Help me to keep airdisk from sleeping.

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by atakordie, Apr 6, 2008.

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    Yes, perhaps I am insane for wanting my HDDs running constantly, and perhaps I am strange for having 4 HDDs in an enclosure hooked up to my airport extreme n base station, but I can't find a setting or help anywhere concerning: I want my shared drive(s) -- my airdisk -- not to be put to sleep when I am not using them. I have a habit of working with files on one disk, then moving to another for 20 minutes or so, then going back to the first one. By this time, the drive has spun down (connected to airport) and so to access, it must spin back up. I don't like this constant rollercoaster way of accessing my data; is there a way to make it stay on always?

    I use an iMac G5 (with the internal HDD set to never sleep) and 4 internal IDE hard disks in an Addonics enclosure connected through a Belkin USB hub. The airdisks are shared with my toshiba laptop as well. Neither machine sleeps (only the display) and I leave apps running that access, or would access, the airdisk (e.g., iTunes on my toshiba uses an old music library on one of the airdisks). pls help
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    I looked on version tracker for something that you could install on your externals that would keep them from going to sleep through airport extreme and found nothing.

    On a side note, here is something you can install on your computer to keep it from going to sleep while working.


    One solution is you could daisy chain them on an old G4 and use caffeine so that the computer with the externals would not sleep.

    Another solution might be to write an Automator or Applescript action that right before they spin down it copies a 1k file over. You might be able to turn that Action on whenever you are needing it. Have it set to automatically run on certain times periods.

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