Help me understand the installation processes (i.e. music production software)

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by 11miles, Jan 2, 2009.

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    don't you just hate it that everything works so smoothly on mac?
    I switched from PC about a year ago and up until then got very frustrated every time i had to install an audio software or a dedicated plugin or so...

    I new by heart the default locations of basic and default install, cause i had to, cause only rarely it was plug and play...

    now on mac, i dont have any excuses not to get up and start working...
    Everything just flies, works... very few problems so far...

    The biggest issue i have is that i started to lose connection with the OS internals...

    Every now and then i have to look up or change the path of the install....

    i am lost...

    I want to know are there any rules while installing. By default, what goes where...

    for instance...

    just the other day i had to make an alias on the install folder of a certain plugin. the alias is used cause i had to move a large sample library to an external drive...

    Instead of
    user/library/app support/home folder
    i have mistakenly work with
    HD/library/app support/home folder

    my mistake entirely, but still...

    i know every software install should vary from one maker to another, but still there has to be a logic behind it?

    is there any tutorial or basic understanding of how MAC OS x install procedure works?

    anybody cares?
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    Slovenia (for now)

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