Help me understand the Office 2011 EULA

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    As best as I can tell, I have the "academic" edition of Office 2011. My install media states in bold letters around the perimeter "LICENSED FOR USE ONLY BY STUDENTS AND FACULTY." I'm currently a full-time student and will soon be faculty, so I'm clear on that front.

    What I'm wondering about is the number of possible installs.

    I currently have three computers onto which I would like to install the software(it's currently installed on one). All are my personal computers, and I would only be using one computer/copy of the software at a time.

    At least for the "Student" edition, the EULA explicitly states that installs on up to three devices are permitted, but it can only be used on one at a time.

    For the Academic edition, I can't find any reference to the number of permitted installs-just that it can only be used on one device at a time.

    Does anyone have any insight on this? I would think it would be reasonable, for example, for a faculty member to have one copy on their home computer, one copy on their work computer, and one on their laptop-exactly the situation I'm looking at, and of course none would be used at the same time. So, I'd like to, again, install on a couple of computers but don't want to violate the EULA.

    For reference, here is the Microsoft page on the subject
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    if it let's you install on three different computers then you are fine.

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