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Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by cuestakid, Nov 23, 2008.

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    So my class is going to debate the issue of illlegal downloading and the music industry. Before that I wanted to do a little research and I have a question regarding what happened when NBC left itunes last year. Does anyone know of any studies or actual data that can confirm this assumption? I tried a little googling and couldn't find any hard data only assumptions.

    so can anyone confirm this or know of a place where I could try to look into it?

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    I'm not sure you will find real hard data, because the money lost due to piracy is hard to quantify. For example, a person with little money may download 1,000 songs over P2P. However, the publisher can't really say they lost the sale of 1,000 songs, as the person may not have the money to legally purchase just 2 of the songs. So, it's a smoke-and-mirrors number game.
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    The reason the NBC pulled all of it's shows off iTunes was (apparently) because they wanted to have variable/more control over the pricing of their shows. So basically they followed through on their threat made during negotiations to renew the contract to sell shows on iTunes.

    It doesn't have anything to do with piracy.
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    What exactly are you even asking? What assumption are you looking to back up?
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    You need to be a little clearer with what you are asking. I would hate to stack more assumptions, but I would guess that you assume pirating increased because of NBC's pull-out from iTunes.

    Don't forget that NBC made their content available outside of itunes, so users still had access, just not via Apple delivery.
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    NBC is not in the music business. General Electric-owned NBC Universal sells movies and TV shows through the iTunes Music Store. sammich is correct. NBC Universal wanted to control pricing for its content on iTMS. It allowed its contract to expire and placed its content on, its new online store run in partnership with Fox. After an absence of a few months, NBC Universal returned to the iTMS.
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    thanks for the responses-

    here are examples of the assumptions that i am talking about

    also part of the reason WAS piracy

    from the above link
    and here is more proof that it was partly about piracy
    Let me clarify what i mean by hard data: a while back I vaguely remember reading somewhere that after NBC left, there was a spike in the illegal downloading of their content-that is the type of data I am looking for. I know NBC is not in the music business- I am only trying to prepare an argument that when they left, they were asking for people to illegally download their content to put on their portable devices. I know that they made content available elsewhere but the point that I was going to try to make was that they decided to take the less money and more control route than the much more money and maybe less control route
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    here's a little exercise that might help...

    have something they can work on during class and put a lot of effort into it. offer extra credit for it. collect it, grade it, but then refuse to reimburse them for their work.

    then, compare that to the time and money that is put into production, then they aren't reimbursed due to illegal downloading.
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    1970s - Taped from the radio
    1980s - Tape to Tape music and games
    1990s - Copied CDs of music, floppies of games
    2000s - Download it all
    2010s - New system in place where all media is sold on a pay as you use system?

    In my personal opinion as long as you pay for stuff you use lots the rest can be considered trial periods.

    Have not bought a CD in many years.
    Have just bought Delicious Monster for organising my DVD collection.
    Stuff like eyeTV is well worth the price.
    iWork should come free with the many Macs I have bought.
    Bought Microspot Interiors as the company is small and helpful.
    Quicktime Pro should be free anyway.

    Just a little bit of my reasoning.
    Feel free to differ.
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    well this is just for a one time college class debate and I am a student in the class-but I think I see the point you are trying to make.

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