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    Aug 4, 2013
    Ok so here's my current situation. I had a iPad, Macbook, and iPhone, and up until now the rest of my family only had one apple device, an iPhone. So I was the only one using iCloud to sync my calendar, contacts, ect. We have also been using that same Apple ID to make all purchases so we only had to buy things once.

    Today we just purchased two new iPads, and more than one of us would now like to use iCloud to sync our devices, but with our own information.

    How do I set this up so that I don't lose anything of mine that's already stored on iCloud but other members of the family can create accounts while all still having access to our purchases on the app/iTunes/mac store?
    I've been trying it out using a new iCloud account for my data and still signing into the original account for making purchases and it seems to be working for now.
    Do I need to set up family sharing? Or can everyone create a new iCloud account for syncing their devices and then use the original for downloading stuff?
  2. rvs007 macrumors member

    Oct 27, 2011
    You can enable Family Sharing and use the existing Apple ID as the Organizer of the family. That way, everything purchased with that Apple ID could be shared among all family members. Then the rest of your family can create a new Apple ID and you can add them to Family Sharing.

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