Help me with my external from old HP using on my new to me iMac

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Mcfire12, Sep 21, 2014.

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    Trying to get my iTunes up and running on the new to me iMac, I cleaned up, and added all songs to my iTunes, but then when I go to add a new album to the external that I downloaded on my iMac, It won't let me add any files. I pulled the hard drive from my old junk desktop and made it an external, been fine for 2 years. When I looked at the info for the external I found that it's NTFS formatted and sharing and permissions - you can only read

    How do I go about using this with my iMac without loosing 7000 songs?
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    Turn the hard drive to a NAS so read the blog post
    The Best USB NAS Adapters
    or put shareware on your Mac that you have to paid update at every Mac upgrade like Tuxera or NTFS.

    You best bet would be get another larger external, formatted for OS X. The trough your Boot Camp and get the Windows shareware Mac Drive and put both drives on the Boot Camp partition and copy the music files to the Mac formatted disk. When that is finished boot back into OS X and the launch iTunes while holding down the 'option' key and choose the new iTunes Library location.

    The third way is get a new router that you can plug and share a hard drive on it. This way it will be shared a accross your network.
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    OS X can by default read but not write to NTFS. To write to an NTFS drive you will need to add something like Paragon NTFS for $19.95.

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