Help me with my LaCie portable hard drive:

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by brendangibson, May 22, 2013.

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    Just bought a LaCie to help me clear some space off my Macbook Pro. I have a few questions.

    1) I have 60gb of music on my macbook pro. I moved over an album from my music folder, deleted it from my computer, and played it from my hard drive. it only played the song I chose even though all the songs stayed in my iTunes. Would I have to delete all my music and just choose an album to add to my computer when I wanted to listen to it?

    2) How do i find the OTHER files that are displayed in my storage?

    3) How many free gb should my computer have to be safe? I average between 20-30gb. I'd like to have 50 free.

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    Make sure you have ANOTHER device to backup those files. You need TWO (or more) copies on different physical devices to have a proper backup.

    Not sure I understand this. However, if you manually move the files, then iTunes may not be able to find them without re-importing them. There are plenty of webpages with instructions on how to move your entire iTunes Library.

    Well, where did you put them? :p You can find your files using Spotlight, or just browse through the folders in your user domain in the Finder.

    The rule of thumb is usually 10% of the total capacity.
    However, it's not a question of being "safe", but efficiency. The drive benefits from holding some free space, as there will be some space unused/unusable between files. The OS also needs some temporary storage space for its operation.
    If there isn't enough space, then performance will get sluggish.
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    You copied and paste and that was you screwed up. To move your iTunes Library with iTunes itself. The article/video called How to move your iTune Library will show you how to move it the right way.

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