Help me with spending my hard earned on a Mac for audio

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by marbles, Jun 6, 2008.

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    Apr 30, 2008
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    So , I have saved and saved and now it is time to buy the hardware :D .

    Basically , I will be buying either a Macbook or MBP(Apple refurb) very soon along with some external storage, a MIDI controller and maybe a sound card too, probably just after WWDC , I would love to get some advice on on it all.
    I've been looking at this & for back up .
    I'm thinking about getting a faster drive as scratch disk for every day use but to be honest I don't really know what to choose or if I would need it ,do I go in using the PCI slot on the MBP and FW800 drives or what :confused:, I don't really know what to choose , I suppose it depends if I go MBP or not.

    I like the look of the G Tech back up hardware at
    and think I will buy stuff from there it is kind of sexy looking and there stuff gets reasonably good reviews .

    I'm also trying to decide if i need to buy a sound card and MIDI controller or not which, hope fully , is where you come in.

    I mix vinyl on Technics at times & record to digital ( need to record in pristine audio) .
    I make electronic music & remix's ( well try too) using software instruments in Logic Express 7 (soon to upgrade to LS) & GB ,I use no external 'real' instruments, I'm waiting on new purchase(s) to start on the learning curve that is Reason , I've dabbled for a while and would like to start to get more serious about quality of sound and production ....

    Sorry about the long ,rambling & possibly incoherent post :eek:

    ...I have been reading all over the forum for weeks now and suppose I'm really just looking to bounce some ideas around with some like minds and chat about buying options :)

    I need some advice , I have about £1200(ish) UK £ as budget limit

    Help me spend it

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    Mirrored storage is not backup (even if they say it is on their web site)!

    Mirroring protects against a single disk failure only. If you:
    - Accidentally delete a file
    - Drop the box / loose it in a fire / get it stolen
    - Get file system corruption
    etc. then you're hosed - and arguably these are more likely events than a disk crash.

    If you're going to pay for two disks, it's better to have them in separate boxes, and rotate them offsite (leave one at work / parents house etc.)

    I like the MacBook - especially since you can really easily swap the internal hard drive (without voiding your warranty). The most cost effective option for a bigger fast hard drive may be to get a low end MacBook, and swap the internal drive over to a fast 7200rpm drive.

    I have the Motu Ultralight which is awesome:

    It's a bit more expensive than the ususal entry level interface - but it's on firewire (low latency) and has everything you need - Midi, audio etc.

    For better value, there are some really good combination keyboards / midi / audio interfaces around (if you haven'[t already got a keyboard for reason).

    The Novation X station looks awesome:
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    Apr 30, 2008
    EU mostly
    Hello , sorry about the long time no post ,I had a bit of crazy few days here , then WWDC ....

    I thought it would be a good idea to go for a mirrored drive because it would protect against a 1 disk fail scenario but I hear what you say about keeping the back up in separate boxes & to use a different site to store one at , so thats sorta what I think I'm going to do :confused: .

    I'll get a mirrored drive for back up at my home & every day use ( good idea or not ?) then , a 500Gb or 1TB drive off site , probably this :

    Sounds like a plan to me :) , this way I'll save having to buy that mini drive , shame , I really fancied having that too I think it was its looks that where making me want it .
    Your right , don't need it ...just upgrade the HD in the MB.

    This is where I start to get confused . I don't really know if I'm going to need any external devices (tbh,why I need them) , I make music using only software instruments ...I also record dj mixes & would like to edit them .
    ( do I need the MBP & 4Gb ram ?)

    Do I need to get an external soundcard and controller for what I want to do ? what are the benefits if I go ahead and get ?

    or maybe ....would a high end dj mixer with MIDI control be a good solution ?

    I'm stuck :eek:
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    Apr 30, 2008
    EU mostly
    I'm sure some more folk on MacRumors vcould help me spend my hard earned

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