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shear dude

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Aug 28, 2007
My iphone is a hacked iphone (someone else hacked it for me) I was syncing music onto my iPhone and when i checked it all my content was GONE. I connected it back to the computer and iTunes says it cannot read the contents of the iPhone and says i have to restore it. Then, the iPhone icon under devices dissapears as soon as I exit out of the message. I already tried reseting the setting on the iPhone, Shuting it down and restarting it, and reinstalling iTunes. Please help me. Is there any way of resetting the phone without connecting it to a computer? Please help me. Was it my stupid bro hacking it without my permission or was it something else?


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Jan 11, 2007
Wales, UK
dont like to be rude but,

lesson of the day: don't hack your iPhone if you dont know how to fix it.
second lesson of the day: DO NOT let your brother use your $600 iPhone without your careful supervision!