Help migrating iPhone/iTunes from PC to Mac w/ just the files

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    I have an iPhone 4 on iOS 5. My iPhone has many apps, data, music, and photos on it (let's say ~8gb free out of 32gb). I never got around to configuring iCloud.

    I backup and sync it occasionally by tethering to iTunes on my Dell laptop. I have music scattered about in the Windows music directory and never got around to consolidating the iTunes library/etc to clean that up.

    Yesterday, Windows XP on my laptop decided to die. I pulled the SSD from my Dell, and all the data files are intact. But obviously I cannot boot up the Dell in order to sync & backup my iPhone, or get music files in order by consolidating the library, etc.

    Coincidentally, I had recently bought a Macbook Pro and had intended to migrate to it after receiving the SSD I just ordered (I had a feeling that things were going bad on my Dell).

    So I figure now is the time to make the switch. Theoretically, I could take the time to rebuild the Win XP OS on my Dell, copy all the files back onto it, solely for the purpose of then migrating off of it to my new MBP. I would like to avoid that middle step since I'm going to switch to the Mac anyway.

    However, I know iTunes can be picky about its music libraries, and I've read how-to's on migrating from one PC to another by copying music directories, futzing with the path names, etc. I've also read how-to's on migrating from PC to Mac by consolidating libraries/etc. But I'm trying to do both at the same time since I can't boot up the PC. I've also read that changing the iTunes music library or trying to rebuild it will cause problems when trying to sync my iPhone, and iTunes will suggest to erase the iPhone.

    In my case,
    (a) I am trying to migrate iTunes from PC to Mac
    (b) my PC is currently non-functional so I just have the files on the hard drive
    (c) my iPhone syncs to it, so I don't want to cause problems with that

    Someone suggested trying to setup iCloud on my iPhone, manually copying music files from PC to Mac and futzing with iTunes to get the library up, then link iTunes to iCloud, then ??? I got more confused the more I heard.

    I do have another working PC that I connected the Dell SSD to if that can be used to help.

    I would appreciate any thoughts, suggestions, and/or links to other help articles that I've missed.

    Thanks for the help!!
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