Help Monolingual messed up MS Word!

Eric Lewis

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Feb 4, 2007
Now i cant print..(i used Monolingual to save space) and now ms word wont let me printe it gives me an error messege...what do i do>

i know i can achieve and install...but i dont know what that does to my system> and how to get everything back to normal? will someone help me with detail please`


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Feb 20, 2005
Nashville, TN, USA
Archive and Install will only install the original apps -- all your other apps, preferences, settings will be maintained (assuming you have checked the box to preserve user settings -- however that is worded). Be sure to run software update after the A&I.

Your problem started with Monolingual, and the fact that you missed the last tab, the one that takes out some of the architectures. You inadvertently took out the architecture that allows MS to run. I check that tab to make sure that NO architectures are removed, just to be on the safe side.

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