help move mail from outlook express (os9 pink iMac) to Thunderbird (osx iBook)

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by RedTomato, Jun 29, 2005.

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    Mar 4, 2005
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    Help, I don't seem able to do the simple task of moving email folders, contacts etc from my partner's old pink iMac to her shiny new iBook - can you help me?

    FROM: Outlook Express / os9.2 / 233mhz iMac (pink!)

    TO: Thunderbird / os10.3 / 700mhz iBook.

    The two macs didn't want to talk to each other over ethernet, but I have a firewire drive, so did a backup of desktop & applications & documents from the iMac, and put the files onto the iBook.

    Problem is, Thunderbird doesnt seem to want to import anything - sorry to be so vague - the import menu just shows no option to import from Outlook Express. Am I going about it the right way? Can you help?

    A look on google revealed the advice to install Outlook on the iBook. Huh. Outlook isn't available for os X anyway (!) Thunderbird is not available for os9 either, so couldnt take that route.

    Many thanks if you can offer any advice - she's threatening to take away my geek certificates :)

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    Have you googled for tips?

    My situation was a little different, I needed to move stuff from Windows Outlook to Mac Mail. I ended up finding a great program called Outlook2Mac to do it. I am sure there ways to convert email from Mac OE to some sort of general format for import into other programs.

    Also, search Macupdate too-
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    Thanks for the tips. Both suggested apps are for moving to mac from PC or vice-versa. This is an os9 - os x move on different computers. Eek!

    I finally did it for free in a completely different way:

    1. Copy the Applications and Documents folders from the os9 mac onto my firewire external drive.

    2. Connect the external drive onto the iBook. Move the 'Main Identity' folder from:

    External drive> os9 backup> Documents > Microsoft User Data > Identities > Name of Identity (typically 'Main Identity')


    Home> Documents> Microsoft User Data > Identities on the iBook

    3. Start up Mail on the iBook, select Import Mail > import from Outlook Express. Point it to the Outlook application in External drive > os9 backup > Applications

    4. Mail automatically starts up Classic, and starts up Outlook Express. It then automatically found the mailboxes in Home > Documents > Microsoft User Data > Identities, and imported all the mail into

    [this is why I moved the folder in step 2. Otherwise Outlook can't find the mailboxes and you end up with a single 'welcome to outlook' message imported. Dumb i know. Outlook looks in different places when started up on os9 and os X. This can't be changed.]

    5. Start up thunderbird and import from Daa daa!

    But thanks for all your help.



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