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    Oct 17, 2014
    Okay, dumb question coming up. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    I currently have an iPhone 4S (16gb) running iOS6. It hasn't been backed up in something like 45 weeks. I have tons of pics taking up most of my space. (Which is why I'm still on iOS6, I don't have enough free space to install 7 or 8.) Over the weekend I dumped all the pics and videos onto my PC and am working on deleting a lot off my phone directly (I don't want to ditch them all though). I need something like 13gb more on the cloud to successfully back everything up. I don't really want to pay for more storage because I have a a new 64gb 6 at home waiting to be activated this afternoon.

    Since the phone hasn't been backed up in forever, will my contacts and pics not transfer over when I sign into my apple account? (I don't even know if I'm using the terminology properly. :( ) Those are the only things I really care about. I want to start fresh with my apps and only install the ones I actually use.

    I don't think I ever sync'd to iTunes. A lot of my music was burned off cd's which, IIRC, iTunes didn't recognize so I didn't bother with it. If I sync now, does iTunes work as a temp storage for all my stuff that isn't backed up?

    Can someone walk me through this like I just emerged from a 10 year coma and don't really know much of anything about this stuff?
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    Sep 17, 2014
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    iTunes works as a backup for me (stores it on my computer)... and I can encrypt it to preserve passwords. I activated my 6+ from my 5 iTunes backup, and everything remained intact (photos, too). iCloud info. (mail, addresses, etc.) showed up as soon as I used my Apple ID.

    The consideration is yours. This worked for me. Maybe wait to get other opinions?
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    Nov 18, 2011
    When you set up your 6, remember to set up automatic backup to the cloud. You won't ever think about back ups again. There is an app called drop box. Why don't you select the photos you want to keep on your phone and turn drop box on. This will move all the pics and videos you want on your 6 to drop box. When you set up your 6 like you like, down load the drop box app on your new phone. Then select the videos and pics you want on your 6, and move them back to your 6. There is also a feature on drop box that you can select that will automatically move any new photos and videos to drop box every time you take that new photo or video . Drop box is awesome, worry free. just my 2 cents.. Let us know if you have any problems.
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    Oct 17, 2014
    The problem (I think I have) with the cloud is I don't have any more space available. I've used the free 5gb and need at least 10 more to properly backup everything. But I don't want to pay for the extra space. I think there should be another way to back it up and not lose anything. Which is where I think iTunes comes in? I'l have to play around with it tonight. Worst case, my pics are already saved and I'll have to manually enter my contacts. Annoying but not life threatening. :p

    I actually used Dropbox earlier this year for my photos but sucked up the free 2gb like it was nothing. I probably should erase those pics (because they're all now saved on my PC and soon to be also on a flash drive) and make room for newer pics. Good idea, I actually forgot I had it installed already!

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