Help, my Control key maps to my Command key

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    tl;dr I can't figure out how to set my control key to its default usage- it's being modified by some setting/secondary program unbeknownst to me to operate like the command key.

    Hi, I've inherited a macbook air from a buddy (10.7) about a year ago, and he still has his old settings on it. I've recently found that the control button maps to the command key, rendering the control feature unusable. I would have discovered this earlier, but I didn't know how the control key was supposed to operate, so I was unaware that it was operating incorrectly. I've done a bunch of poking around to try to revert this, but I'm relatively new to mac (love it by the way).

    Things I've tried include:
    • finding this menu:
      (and, the 'Ctrl maps to Command' checkbox WAS checked, unchecked it).

    • finding this menu:
      (my settings are the 'default', not as shown here..just snagged this off the interwebs)

    I'm relatively sure that my buddy downloaded some secondary software to enable this mapping, I just don't know what to look for or if I'm missing anything else in the original mac settings. It's been awhile since he's used this laptop, and he doesn't remember. If it leads any hints, the caps lock key has been mapped to the escape (which I'm totally cool with).

    I'd much appreciate all the help you mac geniuses can offer a new guy to the mac world. :)
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    Uninstall Doublecommand and your key Maps will most likely be reset.

    It install a kernel extension so if that is uninstalled I guess the keymaps are also reset.

    If you do a search on Google with Doublecommand you'll find some answers there, I'll look for you too in the mean time.


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