Help! my internal drive has decided to partition itself?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by furrina, Dec 11, 2006.

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    I'm on OS 10.4.8 on a powerbook g4.

    Maybe this happened yesterday when my power went off and all my drives are on that outlet particular circuit? Whatever the cause, I don't remember doing anything differently and this is definitely a new situation.

    It seems that suddenly there is a /volumes directory on my internal HD (only visible within disk sweeper) that is acting as if it contains my external hard drives. The existing contents of those drives is not duplicated there, but whenever i try to download something, it gets put there, instead of my ACTUAL hard drive.

    Anyway, when i was trying to download a large file, i changed the dl destination from my internal to my external drive (as I have done many times before) which has like 50 gb on it, but i kept getting a 'out of room' message.

    i checked and though i had about 5 gb left in my internal drive when i started there were only like 30 mb left, wtf?

    something was totally filling up my hd. I checked the preferences for the download a million times, i had allocated the correct drive

    anyway, i ran disk sweeper utility -- found that somehow there has been created this /volumes partition? directory? on my HD. It lists all of my external drives. But the only thing actually IN any of them, is the most recently downloaded files, the download has been putting all the files, NOT into my actual external HD (named OWC) but rather into the the version of it that is ON my internal drive of the same name).

    When I navigate via the desktop to the icon for my external FW drive (OWC) and look in the folder, the new files are nowhere to be found.

    How can i fix this so that
    1. i can undo whatever has caused these internal directories to appear, and

    2. when I select a folder on my external firewire HD to download to, it downloads to that actual drive as it always has.

    Many thanks for any insights


    edit: ok, now the files do seem to be showing up in the external drive now as well. But I want to make sure the files are not written to my internal drive at all.
  2. mad jew Moderator emeritus

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    Strange things start happening when your computer runs out of room for page files and virtual memory. Clear some free space (over 8GB) and hopefully that'll prevent this happening again. :)
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    Normally when you mount any secondary volumes (eg. CDs or external hard drives), they get mounted into /Volumes. In Unix, the / directory always refers to the root directory of your boot volume, so your other volumes need to go somewhere, and Apple uses the /Volumes directory for this.

    However, the volumes should not appear in there when they're not mounted! Do a Verify Disk (and a Repair Privileges for good measure) in Disk Utility, and see what happens.

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