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Jan 3, 2014
ok so my iphone 5 died maybe 3 hours ago and i plugged it into the wall charger and i get the new ios 7 red charging sign saying that it is plugged in but it has been plugged in for almost an hour now and still will not turn back on. on top of it not charging i dont know how to "restart" it since my power button wont work because of it getting "destroyed" as i call it when it was first put in the griffin case by the sales person then he took it out and put it back in because he forgot to take off something on the case. please help idk what to do!!!!


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Mar 25, 2009
Lincoln, England
Why did you leave with the phone after the sales person handled it in that way? If they damaged the power button they would've replaced it on the spot if you'd complained.
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