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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by 2high2aim, Sep 11, 2011.

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    Ok so I have done my research and I know there are tons of cases out their. I am a college student who commutes and currently has a 15mbp for school which I find a little cumbersome. For practical reason's I am trying to use my birthday gift (ipad 2 64GB black) for all around use.

    My two cases that I cannot decide between are:

    SwitchEasy ipad 2 Canvas
    or the
    Yoobao leather case (ver. 3) iPad 2

    I know that the Switheasy is thicker and provides more protection whereas the Yoobao is more classy and executive like with a thin profile. I am a business student and what would you guys recommend: Is the thick case really necessary for daily use..

    Write now I am in starbucks watching review videos lol of the two can still cant decide. Please sway me people

    how stable are the two in the triangular fold method (dont know what its called)? Which one would be better in this case?
    how do they lay flat, (cover folded to the back)? Does the canvas lay well?
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    I have both and my opinion is if you want more protection and a few more stand options then go with the Switcheasy Canvas. If you want a slim case which adds hardly any bulk go with the Yoobao.

    The Canvas is okay when the cover is folded back in portrait mode but is a little bit heavy at times plus you have the clasp in the way, The Yoobao however is good in portrait mode very light and easy to hold I prefer the Yoobao for this.
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    Apr 19, 2010
    So I guess the question is which do you find yourself using on the daily?

    Currently I have my ipad naked and use it in "book portrait mode" and not sure if I will really utilize the angular stand and how much greater it is. You see I really am not sure which would be best for daily life. BTW I am used to carry 19.3lb backpack on routine (just weighed it lol) with the amount of books plus my 15 MBP. So I do not really find weight to be a concern unless it takes away from the experience.

    Thanks for your input I want to order a case soon but being on a budget I just simply cannot get both.

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