Help! MyBook Pro or IcyDock+internal?


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Jun 5, 2007
I could use some help deciding between external hard drive solutions. I've been looking for something that will let me back up the files on my PC so that I can use them on my MBP, and want decent speed to do so. I've settled on firewire800 and 500Gb, but there's two solutions I've found so far.

1. My Book Pro ($175 on Amazon) - Good package, would let me use fw800 on MBP while transferring files off my PC w/ fw400. Also cheap.

2. Icy Dock + Samsung T series ($99 + $119 on NewEgg) - Smaller, quieter, but only fw800 and USB. I'd probably connect the HD via SATA to my PC to transfer initially, and then put it in the enclosure to use with my MBP as data backup and scratch disk. More expensive, but possibly better quality (less prone to failure).

So is it worth it to spend the extra, or will a MyBook Pro do the job?

Related question: How is it running programs off an external HD? I'm interested in using a partition to install Windows programs to run in Bootcamp due to limited space on my laptop HD, but I don't know if that's possible over firewire.


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Jun 11, 2007
i would recommend having all 3 options (usb2.0, fw440, fw800) simply because u get more options. therefore the top hdd i would go for.

related question:running program on osx off the external HDD (on fw400) is pretty darn fast, on usb2.0 it might be a little less responsive tho, but not that you would notice it, we're only talking miliseconds difference.

NB: VISTA CANNOT BE INSTALLED VIA FIREWIRE/USB!!! it wont allow you to boot off external drives. i think this is the same with xp, although im not to sure..


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Mar 20, 2005
I didn't think two different computers could access the same drive at the same time like that. In fact I'm pretty sure you can't unless it's networked.


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Jun 5, 2007
I got the IcyDock for my MacBook Pro and like it a lot. The fw800 is what made me pull the trigger and it is fast. The build quality is nice.

The removable trays are pretty simple and plasticky for ~$15 but they let you hot swap drives, which is nice. This is what I paid extra for. I like being able to use more than one drive in the enclosure, take it offsite, etc. Also, you save $ in the long run b/c internal HDs are cheaper per Gb than external, like the MyBook.

I don't miss the fw400, since usb 2.0 is faster and my PC w/out fw800 has that. I haven't run any software off it. Just use it for backups, which get done quick.


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Feb 19, 2005
I use the mybook pro with my powerbook g4. I run applications off it and I hardly ever notice the difference.
I would go with mybook because that's all I have experience with.


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Jul 12, 2007
if you're game on on getting the my book pro, then be aware that it's automatic turn on/off feature does not work if the hard drive is hooked up to the firewire 400/800 ports (only through the USB interface). this is coming from my own experiences and others have similar problems with theirs as well. apparently this feature doesn't work on Macs but only on PCs.

it is unfortunate that the hard drive doesn't work as optimally as advertised but other than that i don't have much to rant about. it's fast, pretty quiet (if you leave it on the floor under your desk) and looks good.

so giddy up and pick your poison. :)


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Dec 2, 2006
I have checked into the icydocks myself before and compared them with the mybooks. My only concern is that the icydock doesn't have fans in them, if I remember correctly, whereas the mybooks do. So that's one thing you may want to consider when it comes to extensive usage of your drives without fans. I am not sure if the icydocks ventillate enough to not do damage for prolonged use.