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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by pprior, Oct 19, 2009.

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    Every year I get "volunteered" to do a video for the end of year party for our soccer team (Jr. High boys). I'm plum out of ideas this year.

    Anyone with any quick suggestions on music to be used? This is just for a one time showing at a banquet, so fair use is assumed (I'm a volunteer). I don't follow the youth music scene.

    Last year I used boom by POD and Remember the name and those went over very well.

    Also - anyone with any suggestions on quick templates for still production into a video? Probably 90% of what I'm putting in are still shots I take during the games. Maybe a bit of actual video, but not much. Something fancier than just ken burns effect you get in imovie :) I typically use FCE to work it all together, but I'm on a tight timeline this year - have to get done in next couple days.

    Any help/suggestions appreciated.
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    Ok this song always reminds me of football, just because of the clip. It's from after the summer 2008.

    I made this movie about soccer (I know, there is a lot I can improve on), go to the middle of the clip, the rest are dutch interviews: it shows how I would use the following songs to show footage. I like speed, and all these songs are fast.

    The following is a list of dutch popular songs (remember european taste isn't de same as american, these songs are also popular around the age of 15 to 24 dutch boys);
    "de janeiro" R.I.O.
    "everytime we touch" David Guetta
    "skankin'" Ian Oliver
    "the new world" markus schultz (less suitable)
    "your eyes" Kate ryan
    "electro music" Pakito
    "love is the answer (freemasons edit)" Punk Fanatics Feat. Peyton
    the entire black eyed peas album, they have a lot of new songs "the E.N.D"
    "sexy bitch" David Guetta Ft. Akon (less suitable, a lot of inappropriate words)
    "touch you right now" Basic Element Feat. D-Flex
    "Release me" Agnes

    These are all songs you could possibly use, they are all much the same. So I you definitely don't like one you can save yourself the effort of listening to the rest.
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    For your stills checkout a site called;

    Upload your music, then add your pictures. It will then process your pictures to the music with effects to a video.

    Originally I found this site by accident. I was looking at a photographers demo reel and was blown away by the editing. Then at the end of the clip the animoto clip appeared. His secret was out...

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