HELP need to connect old equipment and new/old mac

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    I need help.
    I have a G3 running OS 9 that is used for the sole purpose of running a RIP program for a AGFA imagesetter the software requires a "security dongle" to be plugged in line or at least plugged in to the port that the "old style" mouse or keyboard plugged in to, this is a 4-pin DIN connection unlike the new PS2 type of plugs that are usually 6-pin DIN. All works well just so happens that I also have a G4 running OSX that I do also run Quark on. I would like to be able to use the G4 to operate the AGFA and free up the deskspace that the G3 is using up however I am having trouble finding a way to connect the ever so important security dongle to the G4 as I can not seem to find a adapter for the 4-pin or even a PCI card for the 4-pin. If anyone can tell me what this port/plug is called it would help also.

    Another option I would entertain is connecting the G3 to a small home WIN XP network that conatins 2 XP comps , G4~OSX and the G3 ~OS9 any help here would be appreciated also.

    I am not really looking to buy more software to make ying work with yang.

    Thaks for any and all help
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    On older Macintoshes the mouse and keyboard would connect to the ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) Port. I believe there are ADB to USB adapters avalible.:apple:
    Or it could be the old Mac Serial ports which look quite similar.:)
    The attached pics are of ADB Ports.

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