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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Gmac07, Aug 18, 2007.

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    Im a medical sales rep and I need to do a mass mailer to all my doctors. I need them to be personalized as well. Right now I have my contacts in excel and I am typing a letter in word. I cant figure out mail merge so I am typing out each address as well as writing "Dear Dr So-n-So". This is very time consuming never mind the errors I am probably making without noticing. My boss has a program called ACT for windows that automates all of this. I know of filemaker pro but that seems to do WAAY too much, not to mention its $300. Does filemaker pro do mass mailers? Is their any other mac programs that could do this? Im also looking for the best way to organize all my contacts. I was going to type it all into address book and use missing sync to sync with a dell pda a buddy is giving me. Any suggestions?
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    Aug 18, 2007
    Mail merge

    Mail merge in Word is the solution. Use their Help area or give the data and Word doc to someone that knows how to do it and ask them to merge and create file for you....I like to create a PDF of these. Or, send it the items to a digital printing provider to handle.
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    If this is something you do often, consider spending $149 and getting Daylite from Marketcircle. Daylite is an amazing contact management, ToDo, Project Management, etc. program that not only does mail merge within itself, but will also do mail merge using a Word template you create.

    From their web site:

    "Daylite's real productivity power is in its flexibility. Thanks to an intuitive process called linking, Daylite keeps everything one click away—contacts, projects, opportunities, appointments, tasks, and more. You can work from a daily task list with all your todo's, or open a project to see all its linked tasks and appointments. If you prefer to stay on the calendar, just open a meeting to see who's attending. And Daylite's smart lists help you customize your view, so you can focus on the data that's important to you now."

    BTW, I have no financial interest in this company or anything. I'm just a satisfied user. We've used it at the core of our business for nearly two years and I shudder to think of life without it.

    Oh, they have a 30-day fully functional demo version available for download.
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    I was trying to download the 30 day trial of daylite but it said their was an error installing and it keeps cancellng the download.

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