help: need to get back deleted trash.. is this possible?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by bgrlone, Jul 23, 2006.

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    Jul 23, 2006
    i accidently deleted my trash been with about 9000 songs on it.. i saw them in the i tunes and thought that i might have doubled the files some how.. so i deleted them.. now none of them will play.. im not very computer savvy.. and now imout a whole music collection:(

    i need to find a program for recovering trash .. if anyone can help.. please
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    You're probably out of luck, but you do have a slim chance of recovery.

    First, STOP USING THE COMPUTER. Every minute you spend on it decreases the likelihood of you being able to recover anything.

    When you do that, get your hands on a second machine one way or another, download Data Rescue II ( and run it on the second computer connected to the first via firewire disk mode. You might be able to run it directly on the machine with the deleted files, but that's going to significantly decrease your chance of getting stuff back.

    Data Rescue will tell you what, if anything, it can salvage with the free trial version. If it appears to be able to get to some or all of your deleted files, pay for it and see what it can do.

    If it can't see anything, you're out of luck. Time to start re-ripping. If you have an iPod, there are programs to extract the music off your iPod, but be sure not to synch it and delete everything on it, too. If a lot of those songs were from the iTMS, I have heard they've got some "special" exception where the'll let you re-download your music one, but that's just heresay--contact customer service and see.

    And if they're all illegally downloaded MP3s... well, you should have backed up. (Though if this is the case, I can't say I feel as sorry for you--what comes free goes free.)

    (Of course, you should ALWAYS back up--you never know when your hard drive is going to up and die, even if you do nothing at all wrong.)
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