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Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by tattoued, Mar 11, 2014.

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    Mar 11, 2014
    Ok... The other night I deleted a previous user from one of my bootable drives in my 2010 Mac Pro tower. Not the one that was mounted, of course. It belonged to the previous owner who did not wipe their drive before selling it to me on eBay. I DO have receipts, by the way. Apparently her iCloud locked me out from what I'm gathering. I kept getting a lockout screen asking for a 6 digit NUMBER - wouldn't accept letters. I followed some advice and removed a stick of RAM, and zapped the PRAM when I rebooted. Now, that got rid of the security lock, but now I'm stuck in Recovery mode! How do I get out of it, and if I do, am I still locked? I have TWO bootable drives. Problem is that I'm not sure which 1TB is the original boot drive and which one is my backup drive. I don't want to end up erasing the wrong one. My SSD is the one I usually always use, but from my understanding, the lockout is a firmware lock. I can't make the tray eject to put in a system disk to try that. What should I do short of calling Apple and paying an exorbitant amount of money to get it fixed? Everything was completely fine until I deleted that user folder from the disk. I should have left well enough alone or at least researched the correct way to delete a user from an unmounted drive that happens to be attached to someone's iCloud!
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    What happens if you boot, hold down the option key, and keep holding it down until the startup manager appears?
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    Nothing. No startup disks show. It just goes straight into recovery mode no matter how I boot. I think the firmware still has everything locked down. Disk utility shows all my drives and the capacities, but doesn't show what's used and what's available. No option to mount any of the disks. I have an appointment at Apple on Saturday. Hopefully with my receipts they'll believe me that I didn't steal it and that the previous owner truly left all their info including user profile on the hard drive. I had tried to wipe the drive when I first got it, but there were alerts about iCloud so I just left it alone and used my own boot drive. I kinda forgot about that and when I deleted that user folder from the unmounted original drive, that's when all my headaches started!

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