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    May 19, 2012
    Hi guys (and possibly girls :p), Elegato eyetv is by far the best program I have used on my Imac.

    I use it for a number of things to do with gaming and it works wonders. BUT the problem I have encountered is this. (get ready for the most awkward explanation)

    OK, I use eyetv to stream xbox video games and the quality is amazing. THe only problem I have is if there is a black screen (like a transition) or any form of a still capture (like myself standing in the same position for too long) eyetv stops capturing and then captures again when I move. This normally wouldn't be a problem but eventually the video is delayed by up to 10 seconds and my commentary is in front by loads (because my mic is plugged directly into my computer and not xbox).

    Hopefully you guys have found a way around this as I need to keep shutting down and restarting eyetv to refresh the video.

    If I have posted this in the wrong section please do let me know


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