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  1. lifetrasher, Jan 29, 2012
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    Jan 29, 2012
    After upgrading my IPhone 4 from iOS 4 to 5 and started to put my videos in like i normally do, the video works fine but when i stopped the video and reload the video from the middle it wont start from where i stopped but reload from the start.

    i looked around in my phone settings and all the settings was to make the video play from where i last stopped but it still did not work.

    a few days later after playing around with the settings again i made it worked! but i was not sure how i did it though.

    after a few weeks later i used my laptop to add videos in (Normally i use my desktop to add videos in) the videos started to start from the beginning again.

    i quickly went to my desktop and tried to add videos in and test it again but the function was not working again for the latest videos i add in but for the old videos that were in my phone stills starts from where i stopped.
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    Jan 29, 2012
    my video format is MPEG-4 video file
    video codec H.264

    i checked the video format for both the old that was in my phone and starts from the point where i stopped and the new video that i just added that starts from the beginning when i reopened the video are the totaly same format is the problem due to my itunes?

    does anyone knows how did i made it work or a solution to this problem? thanks

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