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    Jul 19, 2011
    Please help, I know this is a common question and I have read the "understanding home sharing" article and various forum posts. I can't figure out why this isn't working. I've enabled "home sharing" on the computer my husband and I share. We share the same Apple ID and password. I plug the phone into the computer and I see all the apps I've purchased in the library and I can drag them as if to put them on his phone but when I get them close the circle with a line through it comes up and I can't drop them to put them onto his phone. Not sure what to do. Both phones are iphone 4's with different names. I feel stupid not being able to get this to work. It seems like it should be simple and intuitive! Thanks, and if I need to provide more info I will.
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    If you share the same ID, they should all be in the same library.

    If they're not in the same library for some reason, you need to drag the apps into his library folder, not directly to his phone. Once they're in his library on the computer he'll be able to drag them from there onto the phone. (If it's anything like trying to do it with two different computers, you'll need to be on his user account, linked in to yours with Home Sharing, to "pull" the apps over--you can't "push" them from your side.)

    Or if they're on the same ID and the phone is on 4.3.3 or above, it's even easier. Skip the computer. On the phone, go to the App Store and Click on Purchased. Everything either of you ever has downloaded should be in that list, and can be redownloaded from there directly.

    And YES, it should be more intuitive. iTunes has a particularly crappy user interface. LOL
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    Jul 19, 2011
    The apps are in the library that's why I can't figure out why I can't drag them to his phone. They were purchased on my phone and transferred to the computer but our apple id/password is the same.

    How do I get 4.3.3?
    I'm on 4.2.8 and I think the next update available on itunes is only 4.2.9.
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    Jun 20, 2010
    Unfortunately you can't get 4.3.3--or the functionality of it yet. It's not been released for Verizon.

    Plug his phone in. Click on the Apps tab in iTunes. Are your apps there, but unchecked? (that's how it looks when I plug in my iPad, which shares an account with my phone). If so, what happens if you check them and just hit 'sync' without trying to manually place them on the phone? And under the list of apps, is there a checkbox to add new purchases automatically? Checked or unchecked?

    Have you checked the Apple support communities yet? I think at this point, it might be worth submitting a support ticket through their website as well if none of this helps.

    For what little consolation it is, I spent an hour dealing with iTunes' "quirks" last night--eating music from my phone AND the hard drive,both purchased and burned from CD. I totally empathize with your frustration!

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