Help needed syncing/organizing tv show.

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Victor Star, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. Victor Star macrumors member

    Dec 3, 2008
    I have a collection of old Doctor Who shows that I've been adding to. The problem I'm having is when I add an older show it shows up as the most recently added, yes it does make since. When I sync the TV Shows I select the 10 Least Recent Unwatched option so I can watch them from the beginning. Naturally I'd like the added shows to sync if they are older than the ones I currently have on the iPhone, that would be older by the release date and not a older file on my Mac. I can make a smart playlist that does this but can't find a way to make it sync with the phone. I have just under 300 files so I'm trying to avoid editing the properties for each file manually. TIA.
  2. yancey47 macrumors regular

    May 21, 2008
    there's a tagging program called MetaX that can help you organize your video content. Find the original air date somewhere online, ( works for me), enter it year-month-day and by episode number and that might clear things up for you.
  3. Victor Star thread starter macrumors member

    Dec 3, 2008
    I found the option to sync the playlist. All is good. Thanks.

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