Help needed tracing networking cables in house

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by vfx2335, Jun 12, 2017.

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    Got a non-Mac tech question for which suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Recently got a house, and trying to network it for Ethernet. Around the house, there are 4 wall plates with 2 Cat5e RJ45 jacks each, and 2 wall plates each with a single phone jack. For each of the wall plates with RJ45 jacks, one jack has the cable punched down to it according to the 568B standard and the other jack has the cable punched down according to the 568A standard.

    Elsewhere in the house, there is a structured wiring enclosure with a punch-down telephone module, and multiple Cat5e cables running into the enclosure. Some of the Cat5e cables are punched down to the telephone module (to Telephone-out), the rest are left dangling and not terminated at anything not even at a patch panel or plug. The cables to the Telephone-out are each labeled [a room identifier + "Phone"] or [a room identifier + "Single phone"] (e.g., "master bedroom Phone"). The dangling, unconnected Cat5e cables are all labeled [a room identifier + "Data"] (e.g., "master bedroom Data"). I assume that all these Cat5e cables are going to the jacks at the wall plates, as they have the same color as the cable segments within the wall plates.

    Here is my problem - I can't tell which the cables in the enclosure are going to the 568B jacks at the wall plates and which are going to the 568A jacks at the wall plates. The wall plates and the cable segments within them are not labeled at all. Previous owners were of no help. Without this info, I can't confirm that I'm removing the right cables from the phone module and that I'm punching down the cables to a patch panel according to the proper standard.

    So how can I figure out which cable is going to which jack? What tools would I need (and any recommendations on the brand/model of the tool)?

    Thank you!
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