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    Jul 18, 2009
    I have just bought a new Google Nexus phone and will get it when I arrive back in the UK next week, so I have been trying to set up my iMac and iPhone to sync my contacts with google but to no avail.
    Here is what I have done.
    On the mac I set up address book to sync with google
    On iPhone I set up my mail/contacts as a new exchange account and that all went well but the address book on my mac is showing zero contacts and my gmail contacts are showing 100 when there should be 500+++
    Basically I want to be able to sync my google mail, contacts, calendars with my iMac and also my new Nexus
    Any ideas on what to try next??
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    Feb 13, 2011
    Baltimore, Maryland
    I'm guessing that you have groups set up at Google. If so, the iOS devices will only sync what's in the "My Contacts" folder. The other groups won't sync. Just make sure all of your contacts are added to the "My Contacts" folder.

    You will have to manually sync with Google contacts on your iMac (iSync). If syncing still doesn't work, you could try adding Sync with Yahoo (just create a dummy account there). That gets sync going for some folks.
  3. bigbadneil thread starter macrumors 6502


    Jul 18, 2009
    I just needed to be patient.....all is syncing well

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