Help needed with my new Apple Airport Extreme

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by pb1300, Jan 22, 2010.

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    Aigio, Greece
    So I currently have a Thomson modem/wireless router connected to my telephone line here in Greece, which connects my iMac, MB, iPhone, and PS3 together. I just received my Airport Extreme today, and I am wondering how I am going to set this up. The issue here where I live is that the telephone line goes directly into the Thomson modem/router, there is no ethernet cable available. I want to get rid of the Thomson, and go with the AE, but I dont know how to connect it since it is just a wireless hub, and not a modem as well. Do I have to get a standalone modem as well, and then piggyback that to the AE? If so, what type of modem should I get? My current package with the phone company here is 24mbs.

    Also, what else can I do with the AE? Like I said, I have iMac 2006 model (which will be a 27" i5 model soon), my MB, iPhone, and PS3 connected wirelessly, as well as a HP photosmart printer soon. I am wondering what else are the benefits of the AE. Thanks for the help and experiences.
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    Hello from the U.S. I don't think you can get rid of the modem/router combo unless your ISP can supply you with a standalone modem. You usually cannot just buy one on your own. That said, you can still use your AirPort Extreme in that configuration, you'll just need to turn off the wireless and routing capabilities of the Thompson, something your ISP should be able to tell you how to do. Disabling the router capabilities is also known as setting the device to bridge mode.

    With the AirPort Extreme, you can connect up to 3 computers to the internet via Ethernet, through the LAN ports, and connect either a printer or external drive to the USB 2.0 port. I believe you can also connect up to a total of devices through the use of a USB hub to the port. You can then wirelessly print or access a shared AirPort disk from any of the computers on the network.
    If you happened to get the dual-band capable AirPort Extreme, that also means that you can have both a n-speed and g-speed network running simultaneously. This means you and your family can use the n-speed network on your n-capable devices while the slower g-speed devices can get online without slowing down the overall network, AND also gives you the ability to host a guest network which will let friends and visitors get online but not access your shared folders/external drive/printer that's on the n-network.
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    Like Jedimaster said, you need to put the Thomson into bridge mode. Failing that you will have to get an ADSL modem - make sure it has an ethernet port though as a lot of the cheaper ones are USB only.

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