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Jun 28, 2010
help on how to fix macbook pro 13inch 2010
Hi, I need some peoples help on fixing my laptop. I have a macbook pro 13 inch 2010 model, and it refuses to boot into either osx or windows. Every time I prevoiusly treid to boot into mac osx I got this error "panic (cpu 1 caller 0x47f5ad)". there is an image below. and when I had treid to boot into windows (bootcamp) I got this error "A disk read error occured Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". I have treid to restart the computer and gotten both these errors agian. The strange things is this deosn't always happen, sometimes I don't get any errors, and it just has the apple logo whith the spinning loading thing happening below (I left this for an hour and it still kept spinning, and never loaded). Other times it just show white whith no errors but never loads, sometime it lets me alt to select which os to boot into (nether work), but other times it just freezes and shows a mouse cursor on the white background. it's not consistent.
Most recently it has a flashing folder on a white background. I treid inserting my osx disc and went into disc utility but it doesn't detect my hardrive. It may be a faulty hardrive or sata cable but I dont know (I have links below). I was recently (well for the first time), defragmenting my windows partition, it hit temparatures of 80-85C, and stayed at that for several hours throughout the defragmentation, would this have damaged it?
I have scoured the internet and found many people whith very similar problems to me but none whith the same, and A lot of people saying that if you get the error you should just use a time machine backup, the thing is I don't have a time machine backup. The internal hardrive I am currently using on my laptop is a seagate 640gb 5400rpm (it's not an apple harddrive). every thing else it standard, standard ram and no overclocking, I was running 10.6.8 snow leopard, and windows xp profesional 32bit (split 320gb each, whith about 10gb spare on each parttion).
It would be greatly appreiciated If any one could shed some light on what I should do. I need the laptop working whithin the week (for my tafe work), but If I have to reinstall the OS's and programs it could take a long0I have a lot of programs and that could take a month. not to mention The fact that the hardrive might be completly fine and it's just a faulty sata connection. but then would I still be getting an error if thats all thats wrong?. and if it is just the error is there anyway I can fix it whitout doing a fresh install, there a error reading document blow but I cannot make heads or tails of it. I also have almost no money to afford getting it fixed.
also one last thing, I stupitidely inserted my mac osx disc 95% of the way into my macs slot loading drive when it was powered down (off). when I turned it on it sucked it in fine, but would that have caused any damage to the disc or laptop (I cannot eject the disc to check)
I have images of many of the things I described below. So any suggestions.
I have also posted this on several other websiets if that helps)
"panic (cpu 1 caller 0x47f5ad)" error issues
Hardrive issues
How to read errors


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Nov 3, 2013
Atlanta, GA
Ok, first things first....

See if you can borrow someones OSX based HDD and plug it into your computer, even with an external hdd enclose - just press the "Option" key on startup.
If the same screen pops up, change the HDD connector - runs at around 20bucks on ebay.
If it boots normal, you got a HDD issue (I hope you got your stuff backed up!)
Thats also, why you got the blinking folder with "?" on start up - cant read your HDD.
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