Help on how to prep 5S for sale

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MacAndMic, Mar 18, 2015.

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    I've read some threads about activation lock and I was hoping you could could tell me how to properly prep my old 5S for sale so no one has issues with locking, etc. when they buy it.

    This device is out of contract but AT&T says I must wait the 14 day new device period before they will give me the unlock code. That is 3 days away so I will get that when able.

    It is running iOS 8.

    In the past, I've just master reset a phone and erased all data but I am thinking that there may be more involved now due to security.

    Also, do I leave the sim in it or remove it?

    Thank you for the help!
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    That Wickr app is pretty cool, I will do that too in September when I sell my iPhone 5 and get an iPhone 6S.
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    I always sell them thru craigslist and get more money
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    1. Remove your iCloud account and "find my iPhone" from the device.
    2. Remove sim card.
    3. Make sure the ESN or IMEI of your phone is clear for activation by a new user. That means that it has not been flagged as lost or stolen. It also means that you do not have an unpaid bill due to your carrier or unpaid financing on the phone itself. You'll need to pay it off in full before selling it or a new user won't be able to activate it.
    4. Perform a data wipe / erase all content and settings.

    Gazelle, BuyBackWorld, Craigslist, Amazon Trade In, and eBay are your best choices when it comes to selling your iphone.

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