Help on iPad Jailbreak and Update issue!

Discussion in 'iPad Hacks' started by biggy52, Jul 22, 2010.

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    Before anyone bashes me for not searching the web, i did. But cannot find the solutions for my problems. so i'll talk about both problems here and hope to get an answer on this.

    Problem 1:

    I got an iPad 3g with firmware 3.2. I jailbroke it using Spirit, and "made my life easy on Cydia" by telling it to save my SHSH. It had pending request.

    Then i decided to save the SHSH blob myself on locally using Tinyumbrella, What i missed to do was to choose which blob to save using the advanced options. I just click Save my SHSH. And thought i was done with it.

    Then yesterday, my iPad was stuck on apple logo for 30 hours. So i decided to restore firmware back to 3.2. I Used both methods, using sauriks address on hosts file AND using TSS server on tiny umbrella. Both failed. Then i realized that when i displayed my SHSH on tiny umbrella, it showed blobs were saved for 3.2.1. So that was a lost cause. So i just went on and updated my iPad to 3.2.1 as i needed to make use of it urgently.

    So my question here is, Cydia said there was pending my request of saving SHSH , does that mean my SHSH for 3.2 are still there on Cydia, how can i check and downgrade to 3.2 as jailbreak is very important to me.

    Problem 2:

    When i was trying to restore to firmwares downloaded on my machine, when i clicked Alt + restore in iTunes on Snow Leaopard 10.6.3. Both the firmwares were greyed out, like i was not allowed to use them. I have had this problem with some iphone firmwares earlier as well. So im confused what is wrong here, as i can restore them using Windows.

    I searched the web for this, but i never found , probably im searching the wrong query.

    Any help on the above issues will be very much appreciated.

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    Oct 22, 2009
    Tanzania (East Africa)
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    If you still had a "pending TSS request" on Cydia for 3.2 after the release of 3.2.1 (and when Apple stopped signing 3.2), then Cydia will not have your SHSH blob for 3.2.

    You can see that by running TinyUmbrella. It'll show which firmware(s) your device can be restored to.

    Same thing happened to me. I relied solely on Cydia and got a pending TSS request for over 3 weeks, while I should have used TinyUmbrella in the first place to backup my SHSH locally. So, until a new jailbreak comes out for 3.2.1, it appears you're out of luck.
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    if you can restore using windows what is problem then?

    restore using windows, then JB with your mac.

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