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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Rodimus Prime, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. Rodimus Prime macrumors G4

    Rodimus Prime

    Oct 9, 2006
    Ok I am considering replacing my 04 Sentra in the next 6-7 months because
    a) Nissan 2.5L engine has a long list of known problems
    b) Already starting to have minor problems that require work on it
    c) I got out of school a year ago and the car was a gift from my parents in 04 and I want to say I bought the car I drive and it not be a gift (pride)
    D). I want something larger than a Sentra.

    I thinking of spending in the ball park of 25k of that 25k 15k would be financed rest would be a down payment and my car trade in value. I figuring i could get a 28k car down to 25k with out to much trouble in the current climate.

    Ok on to the cars I am interested in.

    Voltswagon Passat,
    Subaru - Legacy
    Honda Accord
    Nissan Altima
    Ford Fussion

    Requirements for what I want in a car. Leather heated seats, Bigger than my current car and comporible to an Accord EX with leather. Of that list what does everything think and other cars in the same price range that I am passing over.
  2. steviem macrumors 68020


    May 26, 2006
    New York, Baby!
    What are your needs in a car, those are all family cars described there.

    What about the Volkswagen Scirocco? Or the Golf (cringes, ok, Rabbit).

    Although If it was out of those cars, I would go for the Subaru Legacy or the Passat (if you are able to get it with he DSG transmission that'd be awesome). When my best mates old car was being repaired, he was loaned a top of the line Passat, and it is a really comfortable and pleasing car to drive. The Diesel engine was surprising too, its definitely up there with the A4 as a great family car.
  3. GoCubsGo macrumors Nehalem


    Feb 19, 2005
    To point C, it was a gift, you should not be ashamed to drive around in a car that your parents gave you. I do like that you seem to respect it instead of feel as though it was your birth right to have a new car. ;)

    You are right about the Sentras. I've always been a Nissan girl, first truck was a Nissan and survived what should have been a crash that took my legs. Second truck ... Nissan, third car, Nissan. So yeah, I get it. But there was something about that Sentra that didn't work.

    Of the five you listed and giving no specific model numbers to the Altima (for example) I would say that my order would be:
    Honda Accord (if you can swing the V6 do it)
    Nissan Altima
    Ford Fusion (this was an excellant car, had a brand new one as a rental and drove from Syracuse to Canada ... had tons of fun in it)
    Subaru Legacy
    VW Passat (sorry but I'm not a total fan of VW yet).

    I say Honda first because that car will last you a very long time. You can get tons of options without spending your life savings. Nissan next because what they've done with the Altimas is amazing. I love their 2-door models. The rest is just because. ;)

    Good luck to you. And you're right, in this climate you can easily get a great deal. I wish I were in the market today for one as I'd like to pick up a Honda Pilot or Ridgeline (possibly the Ford Flex), but I have 6 months left to hang in my truck.
  4. Rodimus Prime thread starter macrumors G4

    Rodimus Prime

    Oct 9, 2006
    I am 6'4" and the sentra is a little small.

    it is just me but I wanted something larger and more conformable to drive long distance in. Lets face it 5 hours in my sentra is just really cramped. Not enough room for the legs. While it is a Spec V (highest model sentra) at the end of the day it is still a sentra so it is not like it is the most conformable car. A blast to drive but still it wearing on me

    So more conformable on long distance trip. If it has extra power for the fun factor then it is huge bonus points. I have grown used to having a car with a lot of get up and go power so it added to the fun factor.
  5. Rodimus Prime thread starter macrumors G4

    Rodimus Prime

    Oct 9, 2006
    well for point C I will clarify that I am not ashamed of the car and I love car. I am very thankful I have it because it was nice not having to deal with a car payments right out of school. It just I want an upgrade to something nicer.

    As for the Altima part it would a V-6 because I hate Nissan's 2.5L POS engine. and a coupe if I fit in it.
  6. AppleMatt macrumors 68000


    Mar 17, 2003
    Historically, VW engines go for years, and years and years and years.

    If that's one of your worries.

  7. Willis macrumors 68020


    Apr 23, 2006
    Beds, UK
    I'd simply advise to go with the VW. I drive a Golf myself and it is a really nice car to drive. I've driven my relatives Passat and its pretty much on par with with VW's. good build quality and reliable. Comfort wise, firm yet comfortable. I've driven from Lincoln, England to Foggia, Italy in my Golf and I not once did I feel uncomfortable.

    Just my opinion though.
  8. yg17 macrumors G5


    Aug 1, 2004
    St. Louis, MO
    VW GTI! : D

    It's in that price range and you can get heated leather seats. When I turn my heated seats on in my GTI, my ass is very happy.
  9. garnaby macrumors newbie

    Dec 8, 2008
    Blackpool, England
    The mark 5 VW GTI is really good with the 2.0 FSI Turbo engine. But id say the Golf is a similar size to the sentra so i think a nice Honda Accord would be good Hondas engines are really reliable and there built to a high standard. Plus the accord is quite a bit bigger.
  10. OutThere macrumors 603


    Dec 19, 2002
    Have the new model Accord and love it. A lot more plush than previous model years, really good fit & finish. I'm 6'1" with stupidly long legs and find that there's tons of space to spare. If you like driving at all the Honda manual transmissions are really well done, much better than other comparably priced cars I've driven.
  11. ErikCLDR macrumors 68000

    Jan 14, 2007
    I would advise against a VW. Pretty much everyone I know that has owned a Passat has loved it but hated the poor reliability and high repair costs. Some of their engines are good, some have oil sludge issues. I think it says a lot when the mechanics at the VW dealer don't drive VWs. You can go with the VW, expect questionable reliability, and pay high repair costs if there are issues. You can go with a Japanese car, expect good reliability and moderate repair costs, or go domestic and have decent reliability and low repair costs.

    Another thing to consider is how far away the dealers are.

    I would stay away from the VW. Any of the others I think are great choices.
  12. phas3 macrumors 65816

    Oct 5, 2008
  13. dmr727 macrumors G3


    Dec 29, 2007
    Southern California
    I'd get the Accord. I really like the 2-door version. Although that *might* be north of your price range, I dunno.
  14. fireshot91 macrumors 601


    Jul 31, 2008
    Northern VA
    If you're in the 25k range, I'd go for the Acura TSX. I'm sure you can get that down to 25k for the '08 model.
  15. Rodimus Prime thread starter macrumors G4

    Rodimus Prime

    Oct 9, 2006
    I believe the TSX is a luxury version of the civic which puts me back in same boat as my sentra. To small of a car.

    I am pretty sure the lexus is out of my price range
  16. Abstract macrumors Penryn


    Dec 27, 2002
    Location Location Location
    The CSX is the luxury version of the Honda Civic. The TSX is supposed to be an awesome car. :p It's essentially the Euro model of the Honda Accord. Some countries get the Euro version of the Accord, Americans get the American version, and some countries are lucky enough to get both as an option (where the Euro version is more expensive). ;)

    I'd go for the Nissan Altima first, then Honda Accord, then the VW Passat.

    I'd get the Altima because it's not a Honda. :p However, I'd choose the Honda second because, lets face it, Honda makes a pretty good effing car. ;) The VW Passat is probably a pretty decent car, and I wouldn't be as worried as I would be if I had bought the Ford. :eek: The Ford Fusion because is supposed to be good, but who knows how durable they are long-term. My parents' previous 2 Fords were a disaster. One had to be sold in 4 years (a Taurus), while the more recent mini-van was done in 6 years. In my opinion, there is very little difference between mid-ranged cars nowadays. The difference may be in things like reliability, perceived reliability, and consequently, in resale value. In terms of driving feel, the large majority of people would be happy with any model they choose.

    On that note, I always thought Subarus cost too much for what they gave you. It's a bit like VW.

    My parents just bought a Hyundai Sonata, and a Tucson CUV. They paid a total of $45,000 USD for the high-end model of both cars, since Hyundai was very willing to give my parents a great deal....better than Toyota. It's not just the economic situation. Hyundai is just a really good car for the low price you pay. In the past, my parents wouldn't have ever considered a Hyundai. However, I told them that my car (in Australia) was such a great little ride that they gave the dealership a visit.
  17. BittenApple macrumors 6502a


    Nov 29, 2008
  18. cherry su macrumors 65816

    cherry su

    Feb 28, 2008
    Acura TSX is just a european Honda Accord
  19. iAthena macrumors regular

    Jan 22, 2008
    You can't go wrong with the Subaru and you get the advantages of AWD.
  20. fireshot91 macrumors 601


    Jul 31, 2008
    Northern VA
    The Acura TSX, as stated like 3 times above, isn't a luxury model of the Civic, its a slightly bigger model of the Accord. My brother has one, and it has a lot of leg room for someone of your size. Sure there won't really be big space in the back because you're like 6'5.
  21. Rodimus Prime thread starter macrumors G4

    Rodimus Prime

    Oct 9, 2006
    Meh I could care less about the person in the back seat. It does not matter much on room behind me because no matter what car I get the person behind me will be cramped.
  22. mynameisraj macrumors 6502

    Nov 14, 2008
    Boulder, Colorado
    I'd take the altima hands down, but I can't drive yet so I don't know what the driving experience is like in a car like that.
  23. fireshot91 macrumors 601


    Jul 31, 2008
    Northern VA
    Well if you don't care about the person behind you, Acura TSX is a great choice. You have loads of room in the front.
  24. RITZFit macrumors 65816


    Sep 16, 2007
    In my Corner
    I'd say accord or tsx (personally I like the last gen tsx more tho...). really, you can't go wrong w/ honda; I know almost all honda models I've driven from 02-06 have all been excellent and fun in their own ways.
  25. iGav macrumors G3

    Mar 9, 2002
    Lucky? :confused: :eek: :p

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