help on simple project using MAMP on small intranet server (beginner to servers)

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    I was wondering if I could have some advice with a simple project I am undertaking.

    Essentially, I am trying to learn how to set up a server using MAMP. The goal is to allow low-cost "client" computers to a server (Mac Mini) that has offline, educational content stored, via an ethernet hub (this system is for educational settings that do not have internet access). The users on the client computers can only access the content on the server computer.

    The server will be connected to an ethernet hub. I plan to connect between 2-4 VIA APCs <> via ethernet connection to the same ethernet hub. These APCs will be the “clients” of the server.

    When the APC is turned on, the user will be prompted to enter their username and password. After correctly entering this information, the user will be brought to a screen and has the option of launching the offline content (Wikipedia, Khan Academy, etc.) that is directly stored on the server.

    Primary Concerns:
    • How do you set up a server using MAMP so other computers can connect to it and access its stored content—using a log-in—but not access anything else?
    • Can you set up something like the APC (which runs Android) to connect to and access the content easily on a Mac Mini Server?

    One of my professors suggested setting up a simple server using MAMP on a Mac Mini, so that is why I settled on it.

    I installed MAMP on my MBP to see if I can set this up on there first. However, I have no previous experience with servers. I understand there are probably many solutions to this and there probably is not a straightforward answer to this question. I was wondering if you had any advice on what I should learn in order to set up what is outlined in the "primary concerns." There really is nothing more to this in terms of functionality than what is outlined, and I would be fine with just using a browser to access the content (nothing fancy), so I figure it should be easy enough after figuring out what I need to learn. If it helps, my CS experience consists of Java and some Python (I have just taken the first two programming classes at my school). I am just beginning to learn HTML and PHP online.

    I would appreciate any help or advice from the board. Thanks for your time.

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