Help Please!! ATT refuses to connect my Iphone.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Akkadian26, Feb 9, 2009.

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    Feb 9, 2009
    Ok so in a nut shell this is whats happen. In Jan 08 I got my first Iphone then I upgraded to the new 3G in June. My Iphone was stolen later that year in October. I have been trying to get one since. On Saturday my roomate bought one at the ATT store and decided to sell it to me. So I called ATT to get it connected and was told there was an error and they couldnt add the 3g data plan. They said they would have to submit a form to some department that would manually add it. Sunday I call and the rep says she has no idea what I was talking about. Once again they tried to add the data plan but they werent succesful in doing so. I decided to go to a corporate store to see if it could be done there but that guy wasnt able. He however had another form submitted for me and assured me within 48 hours the problem would be resolved. I called later that night to ask how would I be notified and the rep who at the time was able to see a form was submmited told me they would call me.

    Today I called to see if anything had been decided the first rep I spoke to couldnt find anything about a form being submitted. I decided to call back the second rep said the reason I was having problems was becuase i am on a family plan and my master account # cant be an Iphone. I said fine and got my numbers switched around. Still the plan couldnt be added. A few hours later I decided to call back this time the guy told me my problem was I needed a brand new sim card and I should go buy one for $25.00. This sounded logical and I decided that before I drove to a store and spent $ on a sim card I wanted to confirm the last rep had told me something that was right. When I called back I was told that I was incorrect and a new sim card wouldnt help. I asked to speak to a manager and I explained my situation to him. What apparantly is happening is that there system says I have had to many Iphones in the past year. That however is not true I got my first one in Jan 08 and upgraded in Jun 08 to the new one. The manager assured me he would submit the form which is some IMEI swap form for me and he would call by Wednesday to let me know. Im not really sure if he is being honest or not...Does anyone here have any suggestions.

    This is getting to the point that I sincerly want to just cancel by service. They think im going to do something illegal and have had to many phones but thats not true. I dont understand why they refuse to connect it for me when I am going to be paying them for service. :mad:
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    why do they even care how many phones you have had? You are trying to give them your money and they are giving you the run around, I would call them and cancel.
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    Feb 9, 2009
    I dont know why they care it seems this iphone has so many dumb restrictions. Even though i didnt buy the phone at the store they still want me to sign a contract...i dont care at this point I just want it connected. All I want is a straight answer about whats going on. Should I do a hard reset? Should I connect it to Itunes?

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