HELP PLEASE !!! Can't get Linksys router to work.


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Oct 19, 2007
Okay, I am a new owner of an Alu-imac 2.4 ghz !!!!!!

Installed Leopard last night and wanted to get my internet set up and ……. IT DIDN'T WORK !!!!!!!!

The Diagnostic thing wouldn't recognize my internet.

(Info for you):

1) I have an Linksys wireless router that is right behind the computer. I have to have a router for my 360 and my PS3 across the room. So I had the cable internet modem hooked to the wireless router and then to the computer. (just like it was hooked up to my PC)

2) I tried everything I could think of to get it to work. The diagnostic show that the Ethernet had a green light, but it would not let me online at all.

3) So then I tried unplugging the modem and the router and still nothing. (It gets stuck on the page where it asks "do you use a cable modem, if so please restart it and then hit continue") And still nothing.

4) So then I tried to just run the internet straight from the cable modem to the imac, and this didn't work either….. Then for some reason like a 1/2 later the network settings brought up the IP and everything and I had internet.

5) But I need my Linksys router to be used !!!! Is there any advice any of you can give me !!! I can call Linksys if I need to when I get off work, but I thought maybe some of you could help me first. I did have to call Linksys before I could get the router to work on my old PC as well, so maybe it's something with them ????

HELP PLEASE !!!! I want to love my Imac so much.


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Jun 30, 2007
What is the model number of the Linksys router you have? That may help in getting your problem fixed.

However, you may just need to get the latest firmware update for it.


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Oct 16, 2007
Harrisburg, NC
Some questions for you....

1) What model of Linksys?

2) Are you using encryption (WEP, WPA, etc)?

3) Are you using a mac filter on your wireless connections?

4) When you first attempted to connect via the wireless, what messages did you get from OSX?


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Oct 19, 2007
1) Linksys model is WRT54Gs
2) I have a WPA but I can't even get to the point to put in the info.
3) I am not sure what a MAC filter is
4) When I 1st tried running the internet through the router, it just said no connection could be connected. Then whe I did a diagnostic test, it showed a green dot by the ethernet signal on my Mac, so it recognizes the signal.

I might have to call linksys but I really want to avoid waiting on hold and all that jazz.

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