Help Please! Disk storage space is now all classified as "other"!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by JessicaHall, Jan 29, 2013.

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    Jan 29, 2013
    I'm in desperate help of advice. Today I was running disk utility to partition my HD. I needed to upgrade my OS to Mountain Lion in order to submit an app I have been working on to Apple, however I did research on the compatibility of the latest OS and the Adobe Creative Suite (photoshop, etc.) and it looked like people were having a lot of issues with the upgrade. I thought I would partition my HD so I could submit the app and go about with business as usual with my Adobe software. I commited a grave mistake and quit while it was formatting the partition. What happened after that is a temporary file was created that left me with little to no disk space. I found several recommendations on ways to delete the file using commands in terminal. I decided to restart my computer and it was not pretty it would not reboot. I was able to reboot in safe mode.

    Now comes the problem.... Now when I look at the storage on my computer everything I once had divided in music, apps, etc. is now all other. This is not good because when I enter Time Machine I can not restore. I believe this is because I do not have any apps. If I go to iTunes my whole music library is there but does not play. I was at least smart enough to back up before I partitioned my HD, but now I don't know how to get the contents of my Time Machine on my external HD to replace its current state. Please any help is much appreciated. This has been quite the nightmare.
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    Okay. You shouldn't have attempted to delete anything but whats done is done. From here If I were in the same place I would grab a copy of Disk Warrior....If anything is recoverable it will do so, if the file structure is destroyed then only a third party data recovery can help now.

    I feel your pain, but no backup?

    Good luck
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    If I'm understanding correctly, you have an up-to-date Time Machine backup of the machine immediately before all this happened?

    In that case, can you boot into the Recovery partition / Internet Recovery (CMD-R during boot up)?

    If so, you can just restore the machine from your Time Machine backup that way.

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