Help please - Google profile and additional email addresses becoming quite a mess

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  1. Mildredop, Mar 30, 2016
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    Oct 14, 2013
    I had a Gmail address ( and I then signed-up to Google Apps for Business, so my Gmail matched my website ( which is all supplied by 1&1.

    I've now changed my website address and have now added another email address as an alias ( - so it still routes through to that original Gmail inbox.

    In Apple Mail, when I compose, I now have the option of sending from or

    So here's the question - is it possible to retire that original email address and have the new one (the alias) as the default? Or, at the very least, have Apple Mail send from the alias address by default?

    Another confusing aspect is that my Android profile is all Not the original (which it was when I set it up) but not my new alias. Can I change the Android profile too?

    Put simply, can I completely retire that email address without screwing-up my Google profile and, if so, how!?
  2. pedrom Suspended

    Jan 30, 2016
    Can't you just redirect all of your email to your email of choice, putting your email of choice as your primary email on Android, and only configure your email clients with your email of choice? Much simple.

    I had my faculty account, my Google account, My iCloud account, my outlook account, all created for different reasons.

    So, since I prefer my iCloud account and only use that one for the future, I redirect all my emails to that account, put that icloud account as my primary Google/Android account and use it like that for years.

    With time, I was able to delete my outlook account and my Gmail account, since my contacts saved my icloud address.

    Can't you do the same?

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