Help please! I need advice on how to setup my family's first Mac

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by sonictonic, Nov 11, 2007.

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    Hey guys :)

    So about 6 months ago I setup an Apple TV for my Mom & sisters, they LOVE it. About one month ago, one of my sisters bought an iPhone. (I think she really took notice how much I love and talk about mine, lol). So they've been using these shiny awesome Apple products and enjoying them, yet have a 5 year old DELL that I have finally convinced my Mom is ready to be put to death. I just ordered the new 20" iMac for her and my sisters and they're starting to get excited about it, as am I, since I won't have to be IT for their Windows XP crap anymore :D

    Anyhow - my Mom isn't too heavy of a computer user, but I am geussing she will get to be a lot more so now that she'll have a Mac and can do so many cool things so easily. She really gets a kick out of my MacBook Pro when I show her PhotoBooth, and Alex from Leopard with his awesome speech capability. On a serious note she knows she'll have iPhoto and iTunes too, so she'll use that.

    Now, my sister, having the iPhone, will be syncing that obviously... and will want to use Mail/iCal/Address Book/Safari, etc. My mom probably won't use all that yet, but I'd like her to at some point...

    Basically I guess I'm wondering how to set the users up because I know that I really should have my sister (with her iPhone) on her own user account so she can sync with everything and not disturb my Mom's address book, safari bookmarks, etc... but, what I am onfused about is how can I have it so both my mom's user account and my sister's user account, have full access to the iTunes library? I don't know how to set that up. If I setup iTunes on my sister's account, and she logs out, when my mom logs in is there any way she can load the same Tunes library?

    I want them to be able to se the same iTunes, and also their Apple TV needs to sync with that... but I want all other things like Mail and Address Book separate. How do I do it?

    Sorry if this post was long winded! I appreciate the help! :)
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    Have a look at this article. Basically it just involves moving the iTunes Music folder to a public or shared location and then pointing iTunes in both accounts to that folder.

    Don't know about the Apple TV, but it should be straightforward to point it to that same folder as well.

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