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  1. ruperto macrumors newbie

    Aug 3, 2011
    Hi there im from the uk.

    Having bought an iphone 4 from the internet, (not ebay so no come back), it was working fine but could not pick up any carriers, i jailbroke it but could not unlock it because it was so new the baseband or firmware had not yet been hacked! 4.3.3!

    Later in the day it stopped working at all,

    so i did some digging and found out that actually the handset had been stolen and is now locked totally. what does that mean? it will not work in europe? it will not work in the world?

    i seem to remember someone saying that it will not work in europe but it will not come up as stolen in other countries, say the USA.

    Bizarrely im moving to the US in a few months and was wondering if it will work as ive paid for it!

    please if anyone can help me i would be most grateful

    I really dont want to change the IMEI!!

    thanks in advance
  2. RodThePlod, Aug 3, 2011
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    Sep 7, 2005
    Bizarrely, so did the original owner! :rolleyes:

    I'd like to help - but not for a stolen phone. (I've had an iPhone stolen from my car - it's not fun).

    Is there no way you can contact the seller - maybe inform them that you're going to the authorities with their email addreses, etc. unless you get your money back?


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